STAT122B Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

This paper provides an introduction to statistical methods from a Bayesian perspective. Bayes theorem gives a coherent approach to the problem of revising beliefs given relevant data. It therefore provides a powerful method for integrating data into the process of scientific discovery. A Bayesian approach to statistics yields direct probability statements about model parameters given data, straightforward calculation of probabilities for future observations and unifies all aspects of statistical inference in a coherent way. The paper also covers aspects of data gathering including how to ask appropriate questions, and how to collect, summarise and interpret data appropriate to the problem posed. The paper will be taught at a level appropriate for students with a sound mathematical background. It is a very suitable paper for statistics, mathematics, computer science and science students. The use of the statistical computer package Minitab facilitates serious investigation of realistic data sets.

STAT121 Introduction to Statistical Methods-or at least 65 percent in a Bursary mathematics paper
Required book
To be advised
Internal assessment/final examination ratio-2/3:1/3 or 1/3:2/3-whichever works in your favour
Dr Bill Bolstad