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Neilson, K.A., Towns, D.R., and Curran, J. (2004) Assessing the habitat use of chevron skink (Oligosoma homalonotum) on Great Barrier Island through trapping and radiotracking New Zealand Journal of Zoology 31, 106-107.

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Jorgensen, M.A. (2002) Using Finite Mixtures to Robustify Statistical Models. International Conferfence on Robust Statistics ICORS, Vancouver, Canada AND 16th Australian Statistical Conference.

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Articles in Professional Journals

Lee, Y. MacEachern, S.N., and Jung, Y. (2012) Regularization of Case-Specific Parameters for Robustness and Efficiency Statistical Science, 27, 350-372

    Regularization methods allow one to handle a variety of inferential problems where there are more covariates than cases. This allows one to consider a potentially enormous number of covariates for a problem. We exploit the power of these techniques, supersaturating models by augmenting the “natural” covariates in the problem with an additional indicator for each case in the data set. We attach a penalty term for these case-specific indicators which is designed to produce a desired effect. For regression methods with squared error loss, an ℓ1 penalty produces a regression which is robust to outliers and high leverage cases; for quantile regression methods, an ℓ2 penalty decreases the variance of the fit enough to overcome an increase in bias. The paradigm thus allows us to robustify procedures which lack robustness and to increase the efficiency of procedures which are robust. We provide a general framework for the inclusion of case-specific parameters in regularization problems, describing the impact on the effective loss for a variety of regression and classification problems. We outline a computational strategy by which existing software can be modified to solve the augmented regularization problem, providing conditions under which such modification will converge to the optimum solution. We illustrate the benefits of including case-specific parameters in the context of mean regression and quantile regression through analysis of NHANES and linguistic data sets.

Lee, Y., Lee, I., Jung, Y., McConkey, D., and Czerniak, B (2012) In-Frame cDNA library combined with protein complementation assay identified ARL11-binding partners. PLoS ONE, 7(12): e52290. doi:10.1371/journal.pone 0052290

O'Neil, T.A., Balks, M.A., Lopez-Martinez, J. and McWhirter, J.L. (2012) A method for assessing the physical recovery of Antarctic desert pavements following human-induced disturbances: A case study in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. Journal of Environmental Management pp415-428

Paul, W.J., Hamilton , D.P., Ostrovsky, I, Miller, S.D., Zhang, A., and Muraoka, K. (2012) Catchment land use and trophic state impacts on phytoplankton composition: a case study from the Rotorua lakes district, New Zealand Hydrobiologia, The International Journal of Aquatic Service, Springer Science+Business Media, 698, 133-146.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Elbohouty, M., Wilson, M.T., Voss, L.J., Steyn-Ross, D.A. and Hunt, L.A. (2013) In vitro electrical conductivity of seizing and non-seizing mouse brain slices at 10 kHz Phys. Med. Biol. 58. 3599-3613.

Phillips, P.M., Phadnis, J., Willoughby, R. and Hunt, L.A. (2013) Posterior Sloping Angle as a Predictor of Contralateral Slip in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis J. Bone Joint Surg. Am., 2013 Jan 16;95(2):146-150. doi: 10.2106/JBJS.L.00365

Abell, J.M., Ozkundakci, D., Hamilton, D.P., and Miller, S.D. (2011) Relationships between land use and nitrogen and phosphorus in New Zealand lakes Marine & Freshwater Research, 62 (2), 162-175

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Zuma, K., Jorgensen, M., Lurie, M. (2007) Analysis of interval-censored data from circular migrant and non-migrant sexual partnerships using the EM algorithm. Statistics in Medicine 2007; 26, 309-319.

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Audio-Visual Recordings

Whitaker, D. (1995) A nested simulated annealing algorithm J. Statist. Comp. Simul., 53, pp233-241.

Book Chapters

Miller, S.D., MacInnes, H.E. and Fewster, R.M. (2008) Detecting invisible migrants: an application of genetic methods to estimate migration rates. In Thomson, D.L., Cooch, E.G. and Conroy M.J. (eds) Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Vol. 3 Modeling Demographic Processes in Marked Populations, pp. 417-437.

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Bolstad, W. M. (2010) Understanding Computational Bayesian Statistics John Wiley & Sons, New York

    A hands-on introduction to computational statistics from a Bayesian point of view. Providing a solid grounding in statistics while uniquely covering the topics from a Bayesian perspective. Understanding Computational Bayesian Statistics successfully guides readers through this new, cutting-edge approach. With its hands-on treatment of the topic, the book shows how samples can be drawn from the posterior distribution when the formula givings its shape is all that is known, and how Bayesian inferences can be based on these samples from the posterior. These ideas are illustrated on common statistical models, including the multiple linear regression model, the hierarchical mean model, the logistic regression model and the proportional hazards model.

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Chapters and Essays

Jorgensen, M.A. (2001) Expectation-maximization algorithm. Encyclopaedia of Environmetrics, Wiley, London. v2. pp 637-653.

Jorgensen, M.A. (2001) Iteratively reweighted least squares. Encyclopaedia of Environmetrics, Wiley, London. v.2, pp1084-1088.

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Conference Papers

Joshi, C., Laughlin, D.C., Van Bodegom, P.M., Bastow, Z.A., and Fule, P.Z. (2012) Modeling trait based ecological community assembly Proceedings of the 27th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Volume I, pages 177-178. Publisher: Tribune EU

Conference Presentations

Joshi, C. (2012) On Computationally Efficient Estimation of the Variance of the Randomised Quasi Monte Carlo Estimate 10th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing (MCQMC 2012), Sydney, Australia

Campbell, A., Hunt, L., and Bowell, T. (2011) Student perceptions of the value of Panopto National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, Nelson, NZ, 12-14 October

    New technologies, used wisely, allow the opportunity to offer students more flexible means of learning. For the last two years, staff at the University of Waikato have been able to use the lecture capture technology "Panopto" to record lectures for later viewing by students. However, many lecturers express concerns about the value of making learning materials available in this way. In June 2011, students in three papers (biology, philosophy, and statistics) were surveyed on whether they made use of these recorded lectures, and their perceptions of their value. The teaching staff concerned also discussed their own perceptions, and this has opened up further possibilities for research. We anticipate fruitful discussion with participants in this presentation.

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    Statistically Verified Composite Fingerprinting (SVCF) has been attracting increased attention to identify catchment erosion sources, but to date has not been applied in a New Zealand setting. A pilot study was undertaken to investigate if different catchment land-uses (native forest, exotic forest and pastoral agriculture) can be discriminated by their geochemical fingerprints. Seven elements were found to discriminate between the three land-use types, and a novel method of data resampling was successfully used to verify the selection of fingerprint properties.

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