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Statistical Data Analysis

Bayesian Statistics

2014 Papers
Level 2
STAT221A Statistical Data Analysis

20 Points

Statistical Data Analysis is an essential paper for anyone planning to do research or experiments in their future studies or careers. The methodology given and applied in the paper is used in many areas of scientific research, for example in medicine, business analysis, sociological and policy research, engineering, and science. This is a practical paper with an emphasis on real data and real problems. Extensive use is made of computing through freely available statistical software.

The topics covered include data collection and organisation, graphical methods, analysis of variance, regression and multivariate statistics. Students will need to take this paper in order to study further papers in statistics at 300 level.

A Semester

Official Timetable Information

Pre Requisite Papers
STAT111 Statistics for Science or
STAT121 Introduction to Statisical Methods or
STAT160 Management Statistics

Restricted Papers
ECON204 Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance

Contact hours: Three lectures and one tutorial each week.

Internal assessment/final examination ratio 1:1

Online Support
Enrolled students can access resources for this paper on iWaikato under Moodle.

Recommended Reading
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (7th edition) by Moore, McCabe and Craig

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