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Abstracts of Conference Papers

John, J.A. (2003) On the contraction of a resolvable row-column design. 12th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics. Dortmund, Germany.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Bennett, R.L., Kim, N.D., Curran, J.M., Coulson, S.A. and Newton, A.W.N. (2003) Spatial variation of refractive index in a pane of float glass. Scientific and Technical 43, 71-76.

Curran, J.M. (2003) The statistical interpretation of forensic glass evidence International Statistical Review. 71(3), 497-520.

Curran, J.M., Buckleton, J.S. and Triggs, C.M. (2003) What is the magnitude of the subpopulation effect? Forensic Science International 135, 1-8.

Hunt, L.A. and Jorgensen, M.A. (2003) Mixture model clustering for mixed data with missing information. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 41, 429-440.

John, J.A. and Russell, K.G. (2003) Optimising changeover designs using the average efficiency factors. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 113, 259-268.

Johnson, D.G. and John, J.A. (2003) Use of demonstrations and experiments in teaching business statistics Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences 7(2), 93-103.

McBride, G.B., McWhirter, J.L. and Dalgety, M.H. (2003) Uncertainty in most probable number calculations for microbiological assays. Journal of AOAC International. 86(5), 1084-1088.

Walsh, S.J., Triggs, C.M., Curran, J.M., Cullen, J.R. and Buckleton, J.S. (2003) Evidence in support of self-declaration as a sampling method for the formation of sub-population DNA databases. Journal of Forensic Science 48(5), 1091-1093.

Williams, E.R. and John, J.A. (2003) A note on the design of unreplicated trials. Biometrical Journal. 45(6), 751-757.

Conference Proceedings

Curran, J.M. (2003) Modelling the distribution of recovered glass. Proceedings of the 54th Session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). Berlin.

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