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Robert Durrant

Conference Proceedings

    Durrant, R.J. and Kaban, A. (2013) Sharp Generalization Error Bounds for Randomly-projected Classifiers Proc. 30th International Conference on Machine Learning; JMLR W&CP 28(3):693-701

    Durrant, R.J., and Kaban, A. (2013) Random Projections as Regularizers: Learning a Linear Discriminant from Fewer Observations than Dimensions to appearProceedings 5th Asian Conference on Machine Learning

Ed. Vols. of Conference Proceedings

    Durrant, R.J. and Kaban, A. (2012) Error Bounds for Kernel Fisher Linear Discriminant in Gaussian Hilbert Space Proc 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AIStats 2012). JMLR W&CP 22: pp337-345.

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