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BSc Programmes
Statistics and Economics

NOTE: Where the 2013 requirements for a programme differ from those previously published, care will be taken to ensure existing students are not disadvantaged.

The purpose of this programme is to provide students with the skills and techniques needed for economic and statistical analysis. Statistical skills and a thorough understanding of economics are important in the analysis of economic data. People with both these skills are highly sought after by a wide range of private and public sector organisations. Most organisations in these sectors have a need for sound economic research and analysis based on valid data, appropriate econometric modelling and statistical inference.

For economics students the programme combines economics with a rigorous training in statistics, and for statistics students it addresses a very important application area. This programme integrates the strengths of the two departments of statistics and economics to produce graduates with a high level of skills in economics and statistical analysis.


Level 1
STAT160A/B Management Statistics 15 points
ECON100A/B/S Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy 15 points
ECON110B Economics, Media and Society 15 points
MATH101A/B Introduction to Calculus 15 points
MATH102A/B Introduction to Algebra 15 points
COMP153A/B/S Practical Programming 15 points

Level 2
STAT221A Statistical Data Analysis 20 points
STAT226B Bayesian Statistics 20 points
STAT251A Simulation and Optimisation 20 points
ECON200A/B Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 20 points
ECON202B/S Microeconomics and Business Economics 20 points MATH251A Multivariable Calculus 10 points MATH253A Linear Algebra 10 points

Level 3
STAT321B Advanced Data Analysis 20 points

plus at least 20 points from

STAT322B Statistical Distribution Theory 20 points

STAT323A Design and Analysis of Experiments and Surveys 20 points
STAT352A Statistics for Quality Improvement 20 points
ECON304A Econometrics 20 points

plus at least 20 points from

ECON308A Managerial Economics and Strategy 20 points
ECON315B Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 20 points
ECON318A Economics of Electronic Commerce and Networks 20 points

Additional Notes
NOTE: The papers listed are those compulsory for the programme. Other requirements of the BSc Regulations must also be met

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