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Ray Littler

Waikato Applied Statistics Unit
Ray Littler (Dr)

MSc Auck PhD Monash


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Personal Description
After a Monash PhD in applied probability theory, Ray combined research in population genetics with statistical teaching at Waikato until 1982. He then worked as a biometrician at Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre and in 1987 became founding director of the Waikato Centre for Applied Statistics, a position he still holds. In developing the Centre's external consulting practice he has gained experience in industrial statistics to add to a continuing biometrical practice. The Centre, which involves collaborating statisticians from Ruakura, has also played a key role in:

  • providing material for courses in applied statistics;
  • giving practical experience to students in a graduate consulting course; and
  • providing advice to university researchers, particularly from science and technology.

His current research and consulting interests are mainly in statistical process control in the broad sense; in particular process modelling, calibration of fast measurement systems, and statistical displays as tools for process improvement. Applications have included food processing (eg. dairy manufacturing) and service processes (eg. airport terminal services). Teaching specialties are in statistical process control, consulting, and general applied statistics.

Research Interests
Biometrics, industrial statistics, statistical consulting

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