Choice of Papers
General Notes

BSc Major in Statistics
To major in statistics you can either take one of the specified programmes, or meet the requirements of a major subject under the BSc Regulations.

The following mathematics papers are regarded as statistics papers to satisfy the requirements for a major in statistics:

MATH101 Introduction to Calculus
MATH102 Introduction to Algebra
MATH251 Multivariable Calculus (9 points)
MATH253 Linear Algebra (9 points)

If you wish to pursue a career as a statistician you are advised to follow either the Applied Statistics or Statistics and Economics programme of the Bachelor of Science degree. For some application areas, further training at the postgraduate level would be desirable-either the one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics, or the two-year Masters of Science degree.

Graduate Papers
Papers at the graduate level may include lectures, practical work, special readings, assignments, and a dissertation (one, two or three paper) or thesis (four paper).

Papers STAT521 Statistical Modelling and STAT524 Biometry and Statistical Consulting are offered every year.

Papers STAT522 Classical Statistical Inference and STAT526 Bayesian Statistical Inference alternate with each other, as do STAT551 Operations Research and STAT552 Industrial Statistics.

Normally students enrolled in the MSc programme take four papers in the first year, and begin their dissertation after the first-year examination period. In the second year, students take the remaining two papers, and complete their two paper dissertation.

The coordinator for a paper is the person to ask concerning administrative matters for that paper. Where two or more staff members are listed as lecturers for a paper, the first named is the coordinator.

Corresponding Papers
You may not credit both corresponding papers for your qualification.

Prerequisite Papers
A prerequisite paper is one which normally must be passed before you may enrol in the paper for which it is a requirement. Where a paper is listed as a prerequisite for another paper, an unrestricted pass (C grade or better; not a restricted pass) is required in the prerequisite paper before you may enrol in the paper for which it is a requirement.

Semesterised Papers
Semesterisation of papers changes from year to year. A paper offered in the A semester in one year will not necessarily be offered in the same semester in the following; the same applies to B semester papers. When you are planning your programme of study please do not rely on papers being offered in the same semester in future years.

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